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"In a world without life, murder becomes a routine."


A Tactical FirstPersonShooter unlike any other.

No cover, no autoaim, no instanthit, no handholding.

A tactical, think, move, shoot game

Something for somebody who doesn't duck or jump for anybody.

Play the way you want:

- find the good guns and go full force, eradicate any oponent

- or be water my friend, dance arround every bullet without taking any hit

- or maybe be smart, stand back and let enemies and traps take care of another


Darkness and emptyness, i feel myself inside a metal box. My whole body feels numb. I start crawling around but can't move my head. There's also something on my eyes. Blinking doesn't help to remove the blur, looks almost pixelated. What happened i can't get my head to take a look at me. There are noises i am not alone. A feel o deja vu overwhelms me. In the worst way possible, i have been here before, died here and i did not die here. Terrified i crawl back in my corner and wait but sleep wont come. The noises remain behind the door. I know there are things that will kill me. But i know there is something that will save me. I start crawling on...


MURDER MACHINE mini is the test demo to MURDER MACHINE it's done by me Björn Grunewald. Although i have lots of help on unsurmountable tasks.

Especial thanks to: Friedrich Hanisch from Rat King Entertainment and Mohammed al Sayed.

I love FPSs gameplay and the possibilities offered, but not so much the modern big bizz aproaches on the genre. This project started out part time 2 years ago. Beginning 2018 it went into full time development. Any support is very welcome. ( exect: hey go make it freelook and remove all the pixels) But regardless of funding i guarante to continue to full release on Steam an Itch.

Consider obvoius stuff being fixed right now. But if you take a liking :D contact me here or via GruneGames@gmx.de

MURDER MACHINE MINI full version  will include:

12 Maps

8 Enemies real different (not just color swaps)

1 Bossfight, 1 Midboss

10 Guns and Tools

8 MusicTracks by Mercurius FM

1 Story (via AudioLogs)


enjoy the practically first test of MURDER MACHINE:
slaying WashingMaschines and avoiding TunaRockets ;)

Install instructions

Extract or drag ALL THE FILES to any Folder you like.
Change Resultion and Input in the popup screed if needet.


MurderMachineMini_b11.zip 218 MB


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Steam has delayed my Tax Validation. So i decidet to release 3 more Levels 4 free on Itch. Thats 9 of 12 from the planned full version. But the full will now get 16! Levels. All little Level Systems are now working and i still have ideas for Levelplay.
But more interesting is the workover  on many behaviours: Enemy AI, Player movement, some Projectiles. Little Things will make the full a better experience. 

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Promisses have to be kept ;) new a09 download
There are 3 new maps 7,8,9. All maps can be unlocked in any order.
The new enemy can be stopped. This is not one of the bugs. It's just... different. Look around or just outrun them. I increased enemy strenght a bit.
But they are slow and predictable. Murdermachine can be played in many ways. I like the Speedrun, it even gives you the Squirrel-Reward for each level.
Still this need workover even for an alpha. Have fun and thanks for testing.

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some more delay until Friday 5.10  :(
new Map are fun but need more tweaking. Story via Messenger is still messy and needs to be revers implemented in all the levels...

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Some distraction came up. But there will be an UPDATE next thuesday on 05.10.18.
3 more Levels, real new Enemy,  deco, traps & fun stuff.
Steam release is in Dezember so behave well & yocan put MurderMachine on thr Santa wishlist.

Windows 7 Bug: Esc Key stops working!
Press Shift + Esc will unlock, works in all affected games.

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I loved this game. There's only one glitch/bug that I found that is a detriment to the player - if the player fires weapon 3 (Explodie) while moving backwards, the bomb will stick to the player and when detonated, will reduce the player's health by 90.

Hmm, i'm working on a strange bug. Sometimes after death and revive, ALL guns hurt the player (they move a little inwards).
But the Bombs are supposed to bounce back and stick to you.  So be a tool but also a risk.
Thank's for the info.


MurderMachine_a08  available
- L5 HighNoon: is now fully playable (still texture tweaks)
A tryout on a new trap and open/large room gameplay.

- L3: durian fruit
smell should not bosser a bot.
It's an EMP field now with nice electrobolts n all.

- Esc / F1
for in Level sound setup now saves the value.

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Esc = F1   same key
On some Windows the Esc key locks up after a certain load.
I get this in Blood, Strife, Dusk now in my game. It comes directly from Win not the games. I rigged F1 to just do the same.
Controller support is comming next week.

did your game try to subliminally tell me that I'm beautiful when I first loaded it?

Well, maybe you are   :)
The game talks back to the player. I still have to see how to implement the story, via Textfiles or Audiologs.


I loved every minute of this game. I liked how it was pixelated but you soon get used to that. The aiming was weird for the first 5 seconds and then you kinda realise it's there to compensate for looking up and down and it works really well and there was a little element for jump scare (kinda). The barrel explosions are great. Overall top notch and well done.

Regards (Apologies for the coughing)